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REVEALED: Keys to Finding & Sourcing Hot eBay Niches

Deb Henry

Are you tired of spending money on stuff you can’t sell?

Do you have so much stuff that you are totally overwhelmed?

Are you sick of buying eBay Hot Niche eBooks that are outdated, vague & uninteresting?

Believe me, I have been there, done that!!!!

From: Debbie Henry
Subject: eBay “Sourcing Disease” – TOO much STUFF!!!I have SO MUCH stuff that not only could I NEVER shop for eBay again, but my 7 year old daughter is ALSO set with eBay inventory for the rest of HER life!

When I first started shopping for eBay resale items, I would buy things that I had a gut feeling about. You know, things that catch your eye, and you think to yourself, – Hey, I bet THAT would fetch a bunch of money on eBay.
YIKES! My Warehouse Upstairs!
I had no real system or criteria other than what looked interesting. Although I DID score some big winners, I also have a HUGE three-car two story garage CRAMMED with stuff that looked interesting that I spent at the VERY most $5.00 on for each of those interesting items.

In fact, that was really my ONLY criteria… if I was clueless about something I would NEVER spend more than $1.00 (maybe $2.00) on any one item. If I had a pretty good idea about a particular item, then I would spend up to $5.00 on a single item (or SET). If I was POSITIVE about a single item or set and I knew for a fact that I could get AT LEAST 5 to 10 times my money, then I would spend $10.00 (possibly up to $20.00).


~ I realized that I needed a much better plan of attack ~



I started buying and selling on eBay in September 2002. I became pregnant with my one and only child in February of 2003 and realized that I just couldn’t keep up with the dealers. Eventually, I was able to create a personal sourcing plan that helped me to compete with the professionals and STILL allowed me to find inexpensive items that could easily turn a profit on eBay.

As a stay at home mom I first developed my techniques based on necessity. Having a child in tow and a small amount of spending cash to seed my eBay business, I developed a buying method that allowed me to find items for sale at nearly ANY venue that I shopped. Whether it was 2 pm at a yard sale, a busy thrift store or a live auction, I was able to spend a pocketful of ONE dollar bills and multiply my final profits by 5, 10, 20 and even 100 times my initial investments.

Always having my daughter in tow (and thus one less hand and a LOT less mobility), I taught myself to recognize under-valued, overlooked items at thrift stores, live auctions and yard sales; allowing me to make a large return on my money spent on just about ANY shopping trip.

Initially through hit or miss strategies I identified many of these items. Eventually I created my OWN unique method that allowed me to research FIRST and then PURCHASE for eBay resale.

This method allowed me to spend a WHOLE LOT less money AND buy a WHOLE LOT less stuff!!!

So… What IF you could quickly identify
10 HOT selling products
in 10 DIFFERENT eBay categories
in LESS THAN 30 minutes?

AND…. what if I told you that ALL these products were
easy to buy locally, had PLENTY of buyer interest
and sold for top dollar on eBay in the past TWO WEEKS ~
literally guaranteeing you successful auctions with high completion rates?

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true for you?

It certainly was for ME!!!

In Fishing for Niches, I reveal to BOTH the novice AND advanced eBay seller techniques that will teach you HOW TO FISH… rather than catching tonight’s meal for you.You will learn how to identify your own set of Niches that can be found in YOUR “stomping ground’.

I will not only provide you with CLEAR step-by-step instructions on using my techniques for finding these niches, but I will also teach you how to easily duplicate the successful best listing practices for EACH one of the niches that YOU found.
Fishing For Niches eBook
By following my very simple strategy, you can quickly identify items in YOUR niche.

If you are going to find, prepare, list and sell items, they should be things that interest YOU.

Stop following someone else’s Top 10 List of what’s selling on eBay.

By using my techniques, you can easily create your own list to shop by.

With no special skills, website memberships, software or extra cash required, you can sit down at your computer, open your browser, and find literally hundreds of specialized items (niches) that eBay buyers are scrambling to snatch up at premium prices.

In my book, I also share with you an easy method of keeping track of your findings, have them on hand when you go shopping and allow you to transform YOUR eBay Hot Item List into a portable guide.

Using the EXACT SAME method that I teach in my book,
I have identified dozens of FANTASTIC little known niches
that have HUGE untapped potential.

I have also personally sourced and sold these products on eBay with
high profit margins and FABULOUS ending auction conversion rates.

After reading my book, you will have the skills and knowledge to achieve this as well!

I have always used eBay and other reseller avenues to consistently maintain a positive cash flow for my family, allowing me to stay at home and raise our daughter.

After years of helping people along the way, I am now looking to share my passion and knowledge formally with others. I LOVE to teach and I am always more than happy to spill the beans on my “super-secret” resale items. With the tons of different cash flow streams that I juggle everyday along with my personal and family life, I have learned the best way to utilize my time and I will not only teach you HOW best to sell your items on eBay but WHAT to sell on eBay, and what NOT to sell.

That said, I have finally developed a rock solid methodology that ANYONE can learn and profit from almost immediately!!!.

I believe that any average Joe can teach you HOW to sell on eBay ~
I teach people the ART of Selling on eBay SUCCESSFULLY

eBay Education Specialist LogoAs an Education Specialist trained by eBay I have the training, knowledge AND experience needed to teach YOU my unique methodologies. I currently teach a Continuing Education course “The Basics of Selling on eBay” at a local College as well as providing on-going private one-on-ones locally to individuals.

Additionally, in my training classes, I utilize both written materials (created by me) and oral presentations successfully to teach both complete novices AND experienced eBay sellers my current methodologies.

You have my word and personal guarantee that you WILL be able to easily understand, learn AND implement my methods after reading my eBook and following along with the well documented and illustrated examples.

Why do YOU need this eBook, RIGHT NOW?

Fish Bullet

      You will

save LOADS of money

      by purchasing


      items that

will actually SELL

    on eBay.
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      Your eBay shopping trips will result in

LESS clutter


MORE viable resale items

Fish Bullet

      By having a ready made “shopping list”, your

eBay buying trips

      will be

MUCH faster

      and WAY

more productive

Fish Bullet


no longer need to rely on OTHER people

    to create Hot item lists for you.
Fish Bullet

      You will not only have a customized list, but

YOUR list will ALWAYS be current and relevent

Fish Bullet

      Once you have bought items from your list, you will ALSO have at your fingertips the

BEST practices for listing and selling

    your item on eBay.

If you are ready to LAUNCH your eBay business to the next level
and REALLY make some SERIOUS MONEY, then this is the book for YOU!

If the reasons above don’t convince you that having the knowledge and ability to find a NEW & PROFITABLE niche at ANY point in time will completely revolutionize your eBay business, please take a look at some of the testimonials I received below…

Jim CockrumJim Cockrum is universally considered THE leading expert seller on the Internet and has been for a number of years—with the #1 “best-selling” book ever written on eBay and the Internet: “The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay.”
Deb Henry has devised a great process for using eBay searches that I’ve never seen used before.Her book details her simple yet highly successful strategy in step by step detail, which involves using the eBay search feature in a creative, systematic way that quickly generates a list of “hot items” that you can KNOW FOR SURE will sell VERY well for you at a nice profit.

It’s an eye opener to see what is selling and you’ll get many great ideas from browsing the results!

Deb, thanks for the great book – it’s an honor to help spread the word.

~ Jim Cockrum
eBay Expert, Author & Internet Marketer
Fishing for Niches” is one of the featured products in the *Newly Updated*
20 Ways To Make Money Now On The Internet, the latest bestseller from
Jim Cockrum & Stuart Turnbull.40,000 plus members of the independent watchdog forum IM Report Card voted Jim ‘The World’s Number One Most Trusted Internet Marketer’.

I am proud that “Fishing for Niches” is keeping company with the very best online money making methods & products as recommended by Jim & Stuart.

20 Ways to Make Money Now on the Internet
An Expert Speaks
Stuart Turnbull
Over the years I have read a whole lot of eBooks that promise to reveal the secrets to making money on eBay.Well, there really aren’t any secrets, if you can identify hot eBay niches then source these items cheaply you WILL make money.

In “Fishing for Niches” Deb Henry sets out an easy to follow step by step system that anybody can use to build their own hot eBay niche list.

Armed with this priceless information you can focus your buying efforts only on the items you know will sell at the highest markups.

“Fishing for Niches” eliminates the guesswork from your eBay sourcing trips and guarantees your success.

This is quite simply the most valuable eBay eBook I have ever read.

~ Stuart Turnbull
eBay Expert, Author & Internet Marketer
debbie…i enjoyed the opportunity to read your new book… it is a great collection of ideas…and practical applications. as a seller for 5 years…i learned more about the search functions from this book than i thought possible…

who knew that you could get so specific. i have only done research …and not nearly as detailed as this…after bringing the items home.

i enjoy reading your blog too. coupons and starbucks…great niches. and…as a person with over 700 mugs listed…i guess that one is my favorite. people think that i am nuts selling used mugs. i keep listing and they keep selling…easy to pack and easy to ship…thanks to priority mail.

wish that i lived closer so that i could buy a few hours of your time. i too suffer from “ebay sourcing disease” … i copied your ebay seller’s disease quote and have it up on the wall.

it is always nice to know that there are other garages in other places that look just like mine. i make a big effort to get 100 things listed every week… but still have TONS of stuff…

good luck with your book… i can tell that you spent a lot of time and energy on it… it was a pleasure… keep in touch and i am looking forward to your next blog post…

~ golli
Hot Off the Press Reviews
Golli-Texas eBay Store Logo
What People Are Saying
Hi Deb,I loved!!! your new ebook.

I am truly glad I discovered your blog and newsletter.

I can tell that you are an honest person, with a true desire to help others succeed in their eBay sales.

Much success to you in your eBook, “Fishing For Niches.”

~ Tulay Susuz
Deb,I LOVE the eBook! I am almost done reading it but I currently am using it as a tool to “Fish for my Niche”! I have found one (men’s ties) and I know there will be others.

I really like it because it is easy to read and understand.

Also most Niche books are designed to help you find odd ball accessories for commonly used items. And if you look at my eBay store I sell collectibles, jewelry, etc.

Your book helps me to not be so scattered and be able to find common items that you would see at a garage & estate sales, etc.

I found Lynn Dralle when her first book came out and have been a fan ever since. I joined her Queen’s Court about 4 months ago and have really learned a lot.

With Lynn I have to be careful because she has an infinite amount of knowledge that I don’t have and just she buys, buys, buys and I have a tight budget and I can’t do that.

However, your book has given me a plan.

With your method I believe I can buy much smarter and sell higher.

I went to a thrift store and with just the knowledge that I gained from your book in my “tie” experiment I purchased several ties that I would never have bought and they are selling on eBay consistently for over $100. The highest I paid was $8.00 but most were $3.00.

I’m excited and have now become your newest fan.

Thank you,~ Linda
Wow! Instant Results
Lady Linda's Loft eBay Store Logo
Hi Deb,I really liked your book.

As a seasoned eBay seller and educator I found some very nice little nuggets of gold in your course and I am using your methods to create my own personal hot niche list.

I can only imagine the people that will benefit from your very easy to apply and straight forward technique.

Many Successful Regards ~ Nathan Bailey
Jim Cockrum’s Director of eBay Coaching
YES, you really can overhaul your eBay business by following my easy research strategies and begin making considerable amounts of money CONSISTENTLY on eBay IMMEDIATELY… By only buying items that actually SELL and knowing PRECISELY how much to spend PRIOR to your shopping trip you will save TONS of money, time & effort EVERY time you shop from NOW ON.

If you buy everything in sight for pennies on the dollar in the hopes that the item is in high demand on eBay, it tends to create a WHOLE LOT of clutter and a LOT of research requirements before you can even THINK about listing your finds on eBay.

I teach you how to REVERSE that philosophy so you can buy smarter and sell higher!

“How much would having that knowledge and security be worth to you?”

What would you pay me to take you by the hand and show you how in step by step detail the exact way to set yourself up financially for life?

What is financial freedom worth to you?

Fishing For Niches eBook
People pay $3,000.00+ for a weekend seminar to listen to big name eBay experts teaching systems, but these same systems unfortunately tend to create more nightmares and headaches than profits.

What if I charged 5% of a weekend seminar fee? Would you be willing to pay $150 for a proven system plus my dedicated, personal support for as long as it takes you to achieve the success you crave?

I’m sure you’d agree that $150 is a fair price to pay to be led down the road to financial freedom and I know I could sell this package successfully for $150 but this is about helping people to change their lives, improve their personal surroundings and I REALLY want to make my unique research methodology accessible to as many people as possible……..

So I’m not going to ask you for $150, I’m not even asking you for $75!
In fact, I’m slashing the price even LOWER as a special invitation only discount!

Order NOW and this incredible resource is yours for ONLY $37$27 — $17

Regular Price $37 Today $27 — $17
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Just a tiny investment to be sure, but one that will completely revolutionize how you operate your business on eBay (and on other online sales venues) in merely the time it takes to read the eBook – I PROMISE.
60 Day Guarantee
But Wait! There’s More…. You Also Get As an Additional BONUS….

Public Domain Questions Answered BONUS #1:“Public Domain Questions Answered”, written by Debra Conrad.
Buried in secret nooks and crannies all over the World Wide Web, are millions of pages of content that is free for you to use.Those lucky treasure hunters that are privy to this secret know that a vast, untold wealth of content treasure is freely available and ready to be plundered with just a few clicks of the mighty mouse.

This treasure trove of content is patiently waiting for you – ready to be used in any way you can imagine – without having to pay the original authors any compensation or give one line of credit (unless you choose to).

It’s yours for the taking!

BONUS #2:“Public Domain Profits” , written by Steve Poke.In Steve’s eBook, he introduces you to the amazing VASTNESS and POTENTIAL of the Public Domain.

Once you understand how to find and leverage this digital media treasure trove available to ANYONE for FREE, you will see the money making opportunity that Public Domain resources offer.

By leveraging your final product offerings with the immense traffic that eBay provides, you have literally a limitless pool to boost your eBay profits even higher.

This 28 page report is jam packed with real life example screen shots from eBay – making implementation a real no-brainer.

These TWO eBooks paired with your NEW eBay research skills from Fishing For Niches, will REALLY blow the top off of your current eBay business model! These completely FREE GIFTS added to your eBay arsenal of tools will enable you to almost print your own money starting from DAY ONE!!!

As a recap, you will receive my eBook, “Fishing For Niches” PLUS the TWO amazing bonus eBooks (as described above) to add to your eBay toolbox for ONLY $37.00$27.00 — $17

Fish Bullet

      I want to learn how to find my OWN eBay HOT Niches and start really making some serious money on eBay!

Fish Bullet I understand that you make NO promises or guarantees. I realize that my own efforts are unique and my results may vary from those shown or implied.

Fish Bullet I understand this eBook is a digital download book in PDF format which can be opened by any Windows or Mac computer that has Adobe Reader installed.

Fish Bullet I will be sent immediately to the download page after successful payment ~ even if it’s 3am!!

Fish Bullet I also know that if I don’t get the results I want, or for any other reason over the next 60 days, I can ask for a complete refund, no questions asked.

Fish Bullet
Everything I’ve downloaded is mine to keep.

Fish Bullet
I have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

“Order NOW – Start Making $$$ TODAY!”

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Remember, this book is a culmination of YEARS and who knows how much money spent learning how to research niches correctly. For one low price, you’ll get to benefit from ALL my experience – including missing out on ALL the bumps and bruises that I received along the way.

You can finally start making real money on eBay – TODAY!!!

My methods are SO simple, straight-forward and easy to implement, that you could literally download the book, spend a couple hours reading through it, go shopping for your newest niche items AND list your FABULOUS finds on eBay that VERY SAME evening!

Download Fishing For Niches NOW and let me teach you my eBay Hot Niche research secrets so that you can revolutionize the way you do business on eBay TODAY!

Happy eBaying!

PS ~ With a 60 day no-quibble, no-questions asked guarantee , you simply owe it to YOURSELF to completely overhaul your current eBay sourcing methodology and start making some $$ SERIOUS MONEY $$
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